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Archive for November 2014

Drugs in the workplace: Are confessing to using drugs and testing positive for drugs two different things?

confess to doing drugs before they even complete testing. Minnesota employers are allowed to respond differently to an admission of drug usage than to a positive drug test. DATWA makes no exceptions for confessions on company property; the employer may immediately terminate an employee that admits to using illegal substances, if that is consistent with…

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No Bad Santa: Background checks prevent problems for employers, parents alike

Many retail stores are already busting out the holiday music and cheery decór, and retailers and organizations are already going about hiring holiday helpers. While any business would do well to screen its holiday help — after all, businesses are more likely to be robbed by employees than shoplifters — it’s a different story altogether…

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Study: College graduates undergo more background checks than executives

A new study by U.K. background-screening firm HireRight shares some scary statistics. In interviews with 140 human resources representatives, all of whom are employed by companies with more than 5,000 employees, researchers found that it is quite common for executive-level employees to undergo fewer background checks and screening processes than the typical entry-level, college graduate…

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Be wary of negligent retention when employing senior caregivers

There have been several recent stories regarding the negligent retention of caregivers who have taken advantage of their elderly clients’ finances, stealing thousands of dollars from them before being caught. Take for instance, the Utah caregiver that stole $140,000 from her 86-year-old client — after being trusted to pay bills on the senior man’s behalf…

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MBA programs see increase in applicant background verification

It is becoming more and more common for higher education programs and schools to conduct background checks on its applicants. However, unlike schools that want to confirm students’ criminal histories, these business school programs are more interested in whether its applicants are being honest on their applications. Depending on the school or MBA program, employment…

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CareerBuilder releases list of unbelievable excuses for taking sick leave

With the help of a Harris poll, has released this year’s list of “The Most Unbelievable Excuses for Calling in Sick.” The job-search site has been compiling the best and craziest excuses from U.S. workers for the past decade. Would you tell your boss that you couldn’t make it to the office because you…

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