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Archive for September 2014

Chicago ordinance introduces pre-employment drug testing for ride-sharing companies

A Chicago alderman has introduced a new ordinance that would require pre-employment drug testing — and subsequent annual drug testing — for all ride-sharing companies’ drivers within the city. Councilman Roderick Sawyer introduced the ordinance in September, after a drug-test mandate was eliminated from the ride-sharing ordinance that the Windy City passed in May. The…

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Washington D.C. latest to ban the box on job applications

At the beginning of September, Washington D.C. passed its own ban-the-box law, joining the ranks of many other cities and states in preventing employers from requiring job applicants to state whether or not they have ever been convicted of a crime on an initial job application or during a first interview. The new law, called…

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Don’t leave childcare to chance; conduct an advanced background check

Many working parents have childcare needs, and if local family members are not available (and willing!) to do babysitting duty, parents often look to the community for good childcare. For some families, the best option is a day care center with full-time childcare staff, while others prefer smaller care facilities or even home-based caregivers who…

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August 2014 employment: job creation stagnant in several industries

a news release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, August didn’t bring much good news for job seekers across several large industries. Those industries — including manufacturing, financial, government, transportation and trade — remained essentially unchanged from July as far as new jobs created. In addition, the number of retail jobs available actually decreased,…

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Ride-sharing insurance bill, background screening bill have different fates

While ride-sharing services Lyft and Uber have withdrawn their opposition to a newly introduced bill requiring large amounts of insurance on drivers without passengers, for a brief moment the two competitors put aside their differences and became allies against California’s proposed bill AB 2293. In its original form, AB 2293 — which was proposed by…

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Senior communities may fall through the cracks under ban-the-box laws

nursing homes and retirement care facilities are supposed to conduct background checks on the nurses and healthcare aides that work with the elderly, senior living retirement communities have different requirements under the law. Independent senior living communities are those communities in which residents live in their own homes within a specified neighborhood, and meet for…

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