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Be wary of negligent retention when employing senior caregivers

There have been several recent stories regarding the negligent retention of caregivers who have taken advantage of their elderly clients’ finances, stealing thousands of dollars from them before being caught. Take for instance, the Utah caregiver that stole $140,000 from her 86-year-old client — after being trusted to pay bills on the senior man’s behalf…

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Senior communities may fall through the cracks under ban-the-box laws

nursing homes and retirement care facilities are supposed to conduct background checks on the nurses and healthcare aides that work with the elderly, senior living retirement communities have different requirements under the law. Independent senior living communities are those communities in which residents live in their own homes within a specified neighborhood, and meet for…

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Minnesota to expand caregiver screening to prevent negligent retention

Beginning in October 2014, Minnesota’s Department of Human Services is expected to implement new policies for pre-employment background screening when it comes to caregivers for the elderly, disabled and children. New state legislation has passed requiring all current and future employees in these industries to undergo fingerprint background checks, in an attempt to avoid the…

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Advanced home care: The pre-employment process and how to hire

Many families have to make tough decisions when their aging relatives are no longer able to care for themselves and manage daily tasks. One such decision is, should the person be allowed to continue living in their own home with assistance, or is a nursing or retirement facility the right move? If the best option…

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Health workers may pay for own background checks

background check. The plan, being sought by Senator Patricia Miller, would mean the end of the current policy which relies on health care workers honesty about admitting past misdemeanors. The precise details of the plan have not yet been confirmed, but we know that it could affect more than 250,000 licensed professionals in Indiana, including…

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