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Don’t leave childcare to chance; conduct an advanced background check

Many working parents have childcare needs, and if local family members are not available (and willing!) to do babysitting duty, parents often look to the community for good childcare. For some families, the best option is a day care center with full-time childcare staff, while others prefer smaller care facilities or even home-based caregivers who…

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NSA reportedly broke privacy rules thousands of times a year

The documents, which the Post claims it received earlier this summer from NSA leaker Edward Snowden, detail how the controversial agency has crossed the line many times over in its collection of massive amounts of data from around the world. Despite repeated claims by officials that the NSA does not spy on Americans, the Post reports…

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Federal contract workers must submit to background checks

background checks of those who work under government contracts”, according to the Washington Post. The Post tells us that there was a challenge by contract workers, who claimed that their privacy rights were violated by “open-ended questions about them or detailed queries about past drug use”. From a spectators stand point, it seems to be…

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