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Biz Boost

MYB certified by HUB

Biz Boost program and received nominations for SBA awards. This recent accolade goes some way to providing an insight as to just how far MYB has come in recent years, and offers inspiration to small business owners or female business owners, who may feel as though they are trying to swim against the current with…

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MYB makes front page news

Mind Your Business made front page news this week…front page on Governor Bev Perdue’s website! “NC Small Business Success Story” was the primary story as you can see in the photo, showing CEO Karen Caruso hard at work contributing to the inspiring Biz Boost program. As mentioned by us in our August 17th blog post,…

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Biz Boost success at MYB

What is Biz Boost? Biz Boost is a program introduced by Governor Beverly Perdue in her effort to boost economic and workforce recovery efforts in North Carolina. The aim is to reach out and assist small to mid-size businesses who, in Governer Purdue’s words, “account for two-thirds of new jobs created”. How does it help?…

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