MYB makes front page news

Mind Your Business made front page news this week…front page on Governor Bev Perdue’s website! “NC Small Business Success Story” was the primary story as you can see in the photo, showing CEO Karen Caruso hard at work contributing to the inspiring Biz Boost program. As mentioned by us in our August 17th blog post, MYB is part of Biz Boost , which was introduced by Perdue as a way to assist small to mid-size businesses in the economic recovery. With three small businesses mentioned, MYB takes pride of place as the number one pick, and receives further recognition for the hard work and incredible success that has been achieved. The ethics of the Biz Boost program and those of MYB go hand-in-hand, as the former states it’s intention to “ensure that additional resources are available to help smaller businesses retain and create jobs”, while the latter works hard to provide employment opportunities despite the economic trouble. With MYB being professed as an example for other businesses to look up to and learn from, it is an exciting time. While solidifying their position as one of the most respected and reputable pre-employment screening companies in North Carolina, MYB continues to work at increasing their outreach to ensure continued development and future progression in the security industry.]]>

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