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bus driver background check

Kansas considers updating background check regulations for school bus drivers

oard is considering whether it should require bus drivers to have a completely clean background check, with any felony record at any point in time being cause for disqualification for future employment or termination from current employment. It appears that parents of children in Kansas schools are divided on whether or not the expansion of…

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Who should conduct motor vehicle record checks?

Motor vehicle record checks are not as commonly utilized in hiring as other checks, such as criminal record or credit checks, but they are absolutely vital for some businesses, especially ones in the transportation industry. Taxi drivers, cross-country truck drivers, mail carriers, city and school bus drivers, delivery drivers and ride-sharing contractors — just to…

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Background checks for bus drivers

background checks for the criminal records of bus drivers on Thursday, shortly after another tour bus accident claimed the lives of four passengers. “Bus drivers literally hold their passengers´ lives and safety in their hands. Those passengers should be able to trust that the driver is qualified to handle that responsibility,” Senate bill sponsor Charles…

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