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employer references

How to hire reliable seasonal workers

workers are less likely to undergo thorough screening, and are also more likely to steal from their employers. To protect your business this Christmas, make sure you hire quality workers. Contact previous employers. When the applicant fills out his or her job application, request a list of previous jobs as well as the names and…

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Fake employment references – don't hire a liar

But ever-fretful HR professionals wonder: How do you know the applicant hasn’t pulled a fast one? Or even sneakier, that he hasn’t hired someone to camouflage his background? These days, the latter may present a mounting concern because of the emergence of so-called professional deception services. These liar-for-hire enterprises front for candidates who sometimes put…

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Report: No references required for federal law enforcement hires

reference checking to assess skill and aptitude of applicants for law enforcement positions, such as background investigations; performance assessments; polygraph examinations; logic, cognitive and behavior tests; panel interviews; medical examinations; and drug and fitness tests. “While these methods may demonstrate the applicant’s abilities and suitability for employment and eligibility for national security access, they do…

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E-verify now available nationwide

announced that E-Verify Self-Check, a program that allows job hunters to confirm their employment eligibility status, is now available in every state of the Nation. Many employers use E-Verify to confirm their new employees’ work authorization. Now, employees can use the Self-Check services to determine if there are any discrepancies in their record, and to…

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Why do employers check references?

Employers check references for several reasons during the pre-employment screening process. When an individual applies for a job, they will go through a process which is in place to ensure that the applicant will be a positive and productive influence on the company. For this reason, along with potential criminal checks, often employers check references…

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