How to hire reliable seasonal workers

workers are less likely to undergo thorough screening, and are also more likely to steal from their employers. To protect your business this Christmas, make sure you hire quality workers. Contact previous employers. When the applicant fills out his or her job application, request a list of previous jobs as well as the names and contact information of any direct supervisors, and also a list of personal or professional references. Then, actually contact those references. Ask about the applicant’s work ethic, reliability and trustworthiness, and any questions that may be relevant to the specific position for which he or she is being considered. Conduct criminal background checks, but make sure they’re relevant. You’ll need to be aware of ban-the-box laws, but when it comes to seasonal employees, don’t skip the criminal background checks. While some previous convictions may not be relevant to the job, you’ll want to watch out for instances such as sexual offenses if the job requires interacting with children, or theft convictions if the job allows for access to the cash register or safe. Comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act on all background checks. Regardless of whether you conduct credit checks, you’ll need to inform potential hires ahead of time — in writing, on the job application — that background checks will be conducted and that the candidate has the right to dispute any information that comes up in the consumer report. This gives the candidate the opportunity to correct any information that is incorrect, and also opens the door to conversations about the candidate’s past. Use a background checking company. Avoid using instant-background-check sites; you’ll want a more thorough record of the candidate’s past than what can be provided in two minutes. Working with a background-checking company such as Mind Your Business for your screening will provide information about other counties or states in which the candidate might have a criminal record, and also turns up more accurate information, especially if the applicant has a common name. You’ll have a happy holiday season when you hire quality employees that will do their best for your business.]]>

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