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employment check process

Study: How long does it take to hire?

Glassdoor recently released a new study on the length of time it takes for companies to hire new employees. For this analysis, Glassdoor looked at 83,921 interview reviews shared anonymously on their website from 25 countries with at least 100 reviews between January 1, 2017 to June 13, 2017, in which job seekers recorded the length of…

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Austin votes to require ridesharing fingerprint checks

all ridesharing companies must complete fingerprint background checks on all drivers. This policy will begin its rollout on February 1, and all drivers are required to be fingerprinted by February 1, 2017. Both Uber and Lyft have previously indicated that, should fingerprint background screening become mandatory, they would be inclined to leave the city and…

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Employment in North Carolina in trouble

remain high, things are looking bleak for a lot of people. The N.C. Budget and Tax Center reports that more 500,000 jobs would have to be created in North Carolina to bring the state back pre-recession employment levels. Almost half the unemployed workers nationwide have been looking for a job for more than six months.…

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Employment checks in North Carolina

2011 NC Small Business Person of the Year. Providing a cost-effective service, quick turnaround and unbeatable customer service, if you need to perform employment checks in North Carolina, then MYB is the route to go. Why the rise in unemployment? There could be a couple of reasons as to why we have suddenly seen unemployment rise, despite the…

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What is a motor vehicle record check?

If you’ve just applied for a job involving driving responsibilities, then it is likely that your potential employer will run a motor vehicle record check as part of your pre-employment background screening. When you’re going to be in a position of driving authority, an employer may have larger concerns about safety, driving history and how…

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