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What types of background checks can employers conduct?

Criminal background checks Criminal background checks are common in employment situations in which the employee will have access to company financial information or will be working with vulnerable populations. Oftentimes, a company will reconsider hiring the person if they are applying for a position related to a previous felony conviction. In order to conduct criminal…

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Study: College graduates undergo more background checks than executives

A new study by U.K. background-screening firm HireRight shares some scary statistics. In interviews with 140 human resources representatives, all of whom are employed by companies with more than 5,000 employees, researchers found that it is quite common for executive-level employees to undergo fewer background checks and screening processes than the typical entry-level, college graduate…

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Don’t be bamboozled by resume fraud

fired a state drug lab analyst who did not have the chemistry degree her resume claimed. The department says that she underwent a pre-employment background screening, but the falsification was not caught. Which begs the question, if a background check doesn’t turn up anything, how can you be sure that the people you hire have…

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Illinois gets grant to fight unemployment fraud

While authorities may be trying to stamp down on unemployment fraud, businesses should be taking steps to prevent fraud within their companies. By implementing a thorough employment screening process, you can ensure all new hires are honest individuals with integrity, and you minimize your risk of employees acting fraudulently at a later date. Employment screening…

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What are the main parts of a background check?

Although pre-employment background screening is becoming more and more prevalent, the majority of people still have no idea as to what a background check actually is, and the types of investigation that one constitutes. So we’d like to clarify the key components of background screening, and the aspects of your background that the employer is…

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Why are pre-employment background checks important?

In an era where you can be fingerprinted simply to enter your local gym, your eyes may be scanned as you pass through an airport or you are being watched by CCTV almost every minute of everyday, you may wonder what is this obsession with removing any privacy from people’s lives? Many are inclined to…

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