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minimum wage

Food chains under fire for wage theft, illegal background checking

Restaurant and food-delivery chains have been under fire lately, as Chipotle, Waffle House and Papa John’s Pizza have all been slapped with lawsuits recently. Four current and former Papa John’s franchises reached a settlement with New York employees and former employees after admitting that they had not paid fair wages to 250 workers in the…

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Labor Dept. in minimum-wage catch-22 for home health care workers

the Department is now putting that decision on ice while it sees if it can get an industry-wide ruling from the Supreme Court. Previously, home health care workers — who primarily take care of elderly patients in their own homes — were generally thought to be employed through agencies or directly by the family itself,…

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Labor Department sues fundamentalist group over child labor

Wage and Hour Division sued the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and several employers within the sect for continuing to violate child-labor laws after a 2007 court order demanded they cease the employment of minor children for pecan harvesting. The Wage and Hour Division had been investigating the FLDS church for…

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Department of Labor implements back wages website

The U.S. Department of Labor has introduced a new website to help employees — who may not have received proper overtime pay or minimum wages — to receive back wages. The site, Workers Owed Wages, is run by the Wage and Hour Division, and is a nationwide database where employees can receive recovered back wages…

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Should unpaid internships be illegal?

employers are violating minimum wage laws set out by the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor has clear guidelines to assist private employers in determining whether they should offer unpaid internships. Those guidelines include factors such as whether the internship benefits the intern, that the intern does not replace the role of a regular…

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