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Study: 90 percent of seniors think they can spot elder abuse

showed some interesting results when it comes to how senior citizens see their risk of being tricked into giving away money. Allianz Life found that only 1 percent of senior citizens thought they could not detect elder abuse if it was happening to them. Ninety percent of the elder study participants said they could recognize…

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Sweetheart scams: late-in-life marriages becoming common form of elder abuse

a growing trend of scammers marrying much older in order to gain access to finances, property and other assets. Elderly women and men are targeted fairly equally in the “sweetheart scam.” Typically, after a retiree’s spouse has died, a much younger friend enters the picture, and becomes very close to the vulnerable older person. Eventually,…

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White House initiates programs for prevention of elder abuse, fraud

rought together a panel to discuss the problems of elder abuse and how to protect senior citizens from financial fraud. “Often, victims are fearful of reporting abuse from a caregiver because the caregiver is the one they depend on for the activities of daily living,” said panelist Lynne Person, the D.C. Department of Health Care’s…

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