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Catholic Church implementing new background procedures

Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese of Missouri being one of the first to step up their efforts. Although they have been performing background checks since 1993, this is another push to assure children’s safety. The Diocese is strengthening background check measures as part of a push to ensure sexual predators don’t gain access to Church positions, and…

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Raleigh report notes pre-employment background checks

pre-employment background screening and the role it should play in the hiring of individuals at adult care homes in North Carolina. The section regarding these checks states: “The Division of Aging and Adult Services has been asked to study the issue of criminal history record checks for owners, operators, volunteers, and prospective owners, operators, and…

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Are background checks necessary for church officials?

background checks. While anyone who works with children should face such screening processes, past times have allowed individuals who work within the church a certain level of trust. This trust has seemingly backfired when it comes to circumstances like those in Wagram. Darryl Todd, a 32 year old pastor is facing three counts of statutory…

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