MYB Welcomes John Lawrence as Chief Revenue Officer

This month, MYB added background screening industry sales and marketing veteran, John Lawrence to our team. John will serve as Chief Revenue Officer and manage all sales, marketing, and customer success personnel and activities.

John was most recently Chief Marketing Officer for investigative data provider, Tracers Information Specialists, Inc. (Tracers). Prior to that, John served for over a decade at General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, where he contributed to the organization’s dramatic growth that eventually led to GIS’s merger with HireRight.

“Many of the industry’s largest background screening providers are now being led by executives that know very little about the screening industry and how to best serve their customers’ needs,” said John. “Unlike those consumer reporting agencies, MYB gets it, and they are primed to deliver the quality and accuracy that employers deserve.”

A Background Screening Company that Cares

John brings a fresh passion to his new role at MYB. His goal is to ensure every business has the opportunity to experience the professionalism that MYB brings to the industry. “Businesses need to choose a background screening company that cares about their clients’ best interests. For example, a lot of companies are unaware of legal compliance obligations because they’ve not been educated by their previous background screener,” says John. “When it comes to the FCRA, the EEOC, and a myriad of other regulations, not knowing is not an excuse. MYB likes to keep our customer informed because it’s the right thing to do.”

Exciting Changes Coming to MYB

With a new year ahead on the horizon, John is optimistic about the future. “MYB is innovating and working hard to ensure we’re different than we were before the pandemic,” says John. “We’re adding new services, making advancements to our online platform, and adding helpful features. Now is the time to innovate and expand so we can adapt and prepare for the year ahead.”

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