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Facebook background checks

Employers and social media: Tennessee law prevents password exchange

Job applicants have long been concerned with how potential employers and social media posts may intersect. Many worry that things they posted years ago might be used against them during the job search, especially if an employer requests access to social media accounts. However, Tennessee has passed a new law that limits what an employer…

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How to avoid employers and social media discrimination lawsuits

Social media sites are a great resource when you’re looking to recruit new hires. However, there is concern that the information one can glean from social media sites — such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to name a few — can cause discriminatory actions to take place, such as a qualified candidate being passed over…

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Micro-lenders turn to social media when conducting credit checks

When you need a loan to purchase a car, house or other large investment, banks and credit unions run credit checks to learn your FICO credit score, and how risky an investment you might be. At that point, the bank or lending institution will determine whether you are worthy of receiving a loan, and at…

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Are there problems with social media background checks

With social media websites effectively being free databases of information on their users, many employers are using sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to perform their own background checks on job applicants. Facebook background checks are a prominent occurrence, due to the regularity of Facebook privacy changes. As users don’t keep up-to-date with the changes,…

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Hiring managers being picky as unemployment rates remain high

MSNBC, “some hiring managers are routinely excluding the unemployed, smokers, people with accents or non-traditional hair styles, college dropouts, and anyone with bad credit”. This can go further to including Facebook background checks as well as turning down smokers for jobs. “It’s a buyer’s market,” said Stephen Bronars, an economist with Welch Consulting, a labor…

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