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Employers and social media: Tennessee law prevents password exchange

Job applicants have long been concerned with how potential employers and social media posts may intersect. Many worry that things they posted years ago might be used against them during the job search, especially if an employer requests access to social media accounts. However, Tennessee has passed a new law that limits what an employer…

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Mind Your Business, Inc. now on Twitter

here! If you’re a follower of our blog, you might recall our post recently declaring our presence on Facebook – and it’s a pleasure to now be expanding our social presence onto Twitter too. Mashable published an interesting post last month on the progress Twitter has made – which proved our move onto the platform as…

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Jury duty may result in a Facebook background check

So not only are job applicants and online daters subject to Facebook background checks, but members of the public who are being considered for jury duty may also have their Facebook profile investigated. Some lawyers are “Facebook-ing the jury” as part of a background check in jury duty selection. Through PC Mag, Amber Yearwood, a…

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Should Facebook be used for background checks?

losing a job over a Facebook status, or no longer being considered for a position after an employer viewed their profile. When Facebook first became popular it was considered more of a social tool between friends, and many didn’t think of the ramifications of putting certain things online – where it becomes so visible. It…

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