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student background checks

Student background checks performed by 66% of US colleges

many colleges perform student background checks as a part of their admission process, in an attempt to increase the safety of their students and staff. In fact, statistics shows that 66 percent of US colleges perform a criminal background check before admitting students for their undergraduate and graduate programs. [caption id="attachment_4961" align="alignleft" width="300"] Source: Hendrix…

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Three ways forgoing criminal background checks can backfire

While some jobs require employees to pass all kinds of criminal background checks in order to begin work — jobs like teachers and police officers — other types of positions may not be so stringent. However, whether you think background checks are necessary or not, it’s always better to err on the safe side. This…

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MBA programs see increase in applicant background verification

It is becoming more and more common for higher education programs and schools to conduct background checks on its applicants. However, unlike schools that want to confirm students’ criminal histories, these business school programs are more interested in whether its applicants are being honest on their applications. Depending on the school or MBA program, employment…

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Va. legislators investigating updating background checks on college students, transfer students

In light of the kidnapping of a University of Virginia student, Hannah Graham, the state’s lawmakers are considering re-vamping the process for conducting background checks not only on the state’s university students, but also how they handle students that transfer from one university to another within the state. Jesse Matthew Jr., a former football player…

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Florida increasing focus on summer camp background checks

pushing a proposal to require summer camps and child care providers to register in an online database. They could only access the database after completing a background check and then obtaining a special code to access the database. The database would be public and allow parents to scan it for a summer camp they are considering sending…

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Student drug testing plans continue in Ohio

moving ahead with plans to develop a drug-testing policy, but whether there is enough support to produce a draft plan or implement it will depend on what emerges. Ohio is one of many states who have started implementing student drug testing. Although not popular among the youth, the justification of drug testing is pointed out…

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