MBA programs see increase in applicant background verification

Business Degree Checks ImageIt is becoming more and more common for higher education programs and schools to conduct background checks on its applicants. However, unlike schools that want to confirm students’ criminal histories, these business school programs are more interested in whether its applicants are being honest on their applications. Depending on the school or MBA program, employment and education verification may be required. Some schools require every student to undergo screening, while others select students at random for verification. Still others only choose to screen those who have discrepancies in their applications. The main thing the schools seem to be looking for is honesty within the application, and so they often seek to confirm the candidates’ previous employment histories and previous education (including grades and graduation status), as well as criminal history. In addition, with a thorough background investigation, schools may choose to verify applicants’ references, extracurricular activities, and achievements. It has already become standard practice for many schools to put application essays through anti-plagiarism software to ensure that potential students are not seeking to cheat the school, or themselves. Several MBA programs — including those at Stanford, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia — have already instituted background-checking policies. It is expected that more schools will follow their lead. Typically, screening processes happen during the admissions process, though it may take time to complete. Should the school determine that a student has lied in the application, it can still revoke a student’s admission after classes have begun. However, if potential students are open and honest about the things on their applications, they are less likely to be screened out due to discrepancies on their documents. Provided candidates do not lie or exaggerate their education or work experience, omit details such as being convicted of a crime or fired from a previous job, or plagiarize entry essays, it’s unlikely that students should encounter any issues with the screening. photo credit: PromoMadrid via photopin cc]]>

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