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welfare recipients

Texas approve drug tests for unemployment applicants

drug testing for welfare recipients when lawmakers approved a bill last week that would require drug testing for some of those seeking unemployment benefits. Under the bill, first-time unemployment applicants who are looking for jobs in fields that require drug testing (e.g. trucking, aviation or hazardous material industries) must undergo a preliminary written screening test.…

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North Carolina passes background check requirement for welfare applicants

Texas lawmakers enacted a similar regulation. The North Carolina bill passed last week requires all social services employees to perform background checks to screen welfare and food stamp applicants with outstanding arrest warrants and other active violations. Social services employees would have to report applicants to law enforcement. The bill, proposed by Republican Dean Arp,…

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Welfare drug testing in Florida may be repealed

back in May of this year, Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Senate approved a measure that requires all recipients of the state program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to pass a drug test before receiving benefits. Four months later, and the law has had a very bumpy ride. The criticism has remained vivid…

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Drug testing a possibility for welfare recipients

drug testing a possibility for welfare recipients. At face value, such a proposal seems to be one of common sense, and could go some way to reducing the amount USA spends on welfare – believed to be in the region of $888 billion in 2010. In Nebraska, Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont introduced a bill…

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