Why do employers check references?

Employers check references for several reasons during the pre-employment screening process. When an individual applies for a job, they will go through a process which is in place to ensure that the applicant will be a positive and productive influence on the company. For this reason, along with potential criminal checks, often employers check references to ensure that employing this individual will provide the desired outcome – for both the applicant and the company. Employers check references primarily to ensure that the qualifications you claim to have are genuine, your employment history is honest, and that your work ethic and personal values are going to have a constructive impact on the company. Potential employers will check references in two forms – personal references and professional references. Personal references are references that can vouch for your character and your personal values – often from someone that knows you, such as neighbor, coach or teacher. Employers will also check professional references – which will come from someone who can vouch for your qualification and abilities to perform a job. An example of this would be a former employer. When employers check references, they will likely want to check more than one of each, so I would recommend listing four – two personal and two professional. It is also recommended that you let the individuals you are listing know that they may be contacted, and to thank them once they have provided a reference. You should list these references on a reference page of your application – along with your resume and cover letter – providing the references name, title, organization they are affiliated with, contact number and email address. In conclusion, employers check references to make sure you are who you say you are, and you can perform the tasks you claim to be able to perform. Such a screening process is an essential way of verifying the claims you make in an application, and provides a potential employer with a much wider understanding of you as an individual and you as an employee. Good references can take you a step closer to securing that dream job you’re searching for. For more information on reference checks, get in touch with Mind Your Business – experts in background investigations and employment checks.]]>

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