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Federal contract workers must submit to background checks

background checks of those who work under government contracts”, according to the Washington Post. The Post tells us that there was a challenge by contract workers, who claimed that their privacy rights were violated by “open-ended questions about them or detailed queries about past drug use”. From a spectators stand point, it seems to be common sense that this kind of challenge was a weak one. “Reasonable investigations of applicants and employees aid the government in ensuring the security of its facilities and in employing a competent, reliable workforce,” Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. stated. He said it did not matter whether the workers were employed by the government or were contract workers. Such a case again asks the question: where does individual privacy end and public welfare begin? At what point can authorities invade some one’s personal lives in the interest of public safety?
As I said, this seems like a common sense decision, but it will be interesting to see how this ruling impacts other areas of industry.]]>

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