New state program requires comprehensive background checks for Connecticut care facilities

must undergo federal and state background checks to ensure the individual has no criminal record and no history of abuse or neglect. In November, however, the Connecticut Department of Public Health created a system that will allow care facilities to better screen their employees and job applicants in an attempt to reduce the number of incidences of neglect and abuse. Long-term care facilities will now be able to use the state’s Applicant Background Check Management System (ABCMS), which should provide facilities with information about applicants’ criminal convictions and any records of patient abuse. The individual facilities will be able to submit volunteer and applicant information, as well as access fingerprint background check information and other registry information, such as that in the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry, within ABCMS. It was not clear whether the ABCMS system contains only state background check information, or federal information as well. The program was funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the system was created with the help of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.]]>

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