Is the National Criminal Database Search Enough?

When conducting a background check, the first step is often searching the National Criminal Database. Also known as the Multi-State or the National Search, this search type pulls information from thousands of databases and jurisdictions. It is often the cheapest option and commonly mistaken as the “all-inclusive” background check. Many companies unknowingly rely on only the National Search and believe it is a complete look at someone’s criminal record. In reality, not all states and counties report to the National, leaving many gaps in the report.

MYB put the National Database Search to the Test

 In an independent study by MYB, the National Search did not report 42% of criminal records pulled from state and county records. While the National Search provides valid information, the report only provides a partial view at an applicant’s criminal record. MYB uses the National Search to enhance other searches such as county criminal searches, statewide searches, and identity traces. Additionally, criminal records from the National Search must be verified at the county or statewide level for legal compliance.

What We Recommend

In addition to the National Search, MYB recommends Statewide or County Criminal Searches. These searches give you the most up to date criminal history and report information that may not be found in the National Search. A comprehensive look at someone’s criminal record takes multiple search types and proper vetting. At MYB, we create affordable and comprehensive packages, providing you with confidence in your hiring decision.

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