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Archive for October 2012

Illinois gets grant to fight unemployment fraud

While authorities may be trying to stamp down on unemployment fraud, businesses should be taking steps to prevent fraud within their companies. By implementing a thorough employment screening process, you can ensure all new hires are honest individuals with integrity, and you minimize your risk of employees acting fraudulently at a later date. Employment screening…

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US companies add 162,000 jobs in September

Small businesses are hiring Small businesses – firms with fewer than 50 workers – added 81,000 new works, or half the jobs in September, according to ADP. Large companies with 500 or more workers added 17,000 jobs, while companies in the middle created 64,000 jobs. With an increase in employment comes an increase in pre-employment…

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Diploma mill fined $22.7 million in federal lawsuit

 lawsuit, which was originally brought against by Flint native Carrie McCluskey, alleged that Belford High School takes students’ money by offering them an accredited high school diploma, but that Belford High School is not accredited by legitimate accreditation agencies and that the diplomas are not valid. “Getting a GED can really help you start…

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