Staff testing: employment checks and drug screening

Curious about the different types of employee background checks and their uses? See our breakdown below!

Credit Checks These are not always performed as part of employment verification. This type of background check is saved for specific job roles – such as those in finance or government positions. Credit checks are a part of staff testing that will recognize any individuals with a poor credit record – to the extent that it may affect their work performance. 

Motor Vehicle Checks Motor vehicle record checks are a type of background check saved for those who work in the transportation or driving industry. It will be part of employment verification for any individual who may have driving responsibilities as part of their employment – this includes truckers, bus drivers, and even cab drivers. It will ensure that the individual’s driving record is clean, and they will be safe and responsible while in charge of a motor vehicle. 

Education Verification A type of background check you can expect in almost all job application processes is an education verification check. Information found on resumes is often embellished and sometimes even purely fictitious. This type of background check will ensure that the applicant is honest in their application – and will, therefore, be trustworthy as an employee. 

Reference Check As with education verification, a reference check will ensure that an applicant is honest with their references, and will also be a valuable employee. Reference checks will allow you to talk to those that have worked with the applicant before and will verify their work ethic, character, and value. 

Drug Screening Drug screening is a type of background check that should not be reserved for individuals pre-employment but ought to be considered for current employees too. It is a cost-effective and valuable way of discerning whether any of your employees or job applicants are involved in drug use, which could affect their work abilities. 

Social Security Number Tracing A type of background check that some employers will use, and that Mind Your Business, Inc. offers, determines whether the social security number provided by the applicant is legitimate and used by the proper person. It helps avoid identity fraud and aids in verifying previous addresses too. 

Criminal Checks The most obvious check that could be performed is one of your criminal background. Employers will do this to ensure that the applicants they are considering employing are trustworthy, honest, and law-abiding citizens. 

Those are the main types of background checks that employers ought to perform and that applicants ought to expect during the pre-employment process. 

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