Employment screening: a look back at 2016

as always — the previous year, both for us here at MYB and also the employment screening industry overall.

Industry Issues

The ban-the-box movement continued to spread, as more cities and states passed legislation preventing employers from discriminating against job applicants with criminal records. 24 states and over 150 cities and counties have now implemented such legislation. The White House also unveiled a voluntary initiative to encourage employers to reduce or eliminate barriers to employment for persons with criminal histories: the Fair Chance Business Pledge. Two rounds of signatories have committed to the pledge, including industry leaders such as Facebook, Google, and Walmart. states legalized marijuana in 2016Marijuana legalization was a hot topic in 2016, with five states voting in this year’s general election on whether to legalize the drug for recreational use. With California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusettes voting yes (only Nevada voted no), there are now eight states that have fully legalized cannabis with another 22 now allowing marijuana for medical purposes. Technology became a leading conversation in the employment screening space, as companies such as Uber and Lyft found themselves in regular battles with local government agencies. Ride-sharing companies paid tens of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits over driver background check policies and processes.

Mind Your Business, Inc.

MYB has continued to advance our role as a leading background screening company in both the federal and commercial space. Most recently, we secured a new contract continuing our relationship with PBGC, continuing our expansion into EEO investigations for federal organizations. We’ve also expanded our team and continued to play a critical role for clients in the retail, transportation, healthcare, and nonprofit industries. What a year! We look forward to seeing what 2017 will bring.]]>

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