Why employers should drug test job applicants

can cost a business a lot of money. As already mentioned, accidents in the workplace may result in the company being sued by employees, and worker’s compensation will need to be paid out for any injured employee. A loss in employee productivity due to injury or distraction on the job can cause losses in company revenue as well. In addition, some states or regions have laws about what adverse action employers can and cannot take when it comes to discovering an employee has a drug addiction. Some states allow employers to impose zero-tolerance drug policies, while others mandate that employers must provide reasonable attempts to enroll the employee in rehabilitation and/or detox programs, which are often funded by the employer. Even if an employer does have the right to terminate an employee’s position for being under the influence, the company wastes money by staying in a loop of hiring and firing employees for the same position. In order to avoid these types of problems, it’s best to drug test job applicants before an unconditional offer is extended. To learn how to create or implement a drug testing policy for your business, contact Mind Your Business to get started.]]>

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