Why it is important to verify work history

work verification process, keep this in mind. To verify work history of an applicant get written consent to contact their present manager. Such consent is a matter of courtesy and informs the applicant they might want to tell their existing manager they are seeking a different job. This proof of consent may also give you extra leverage when it comes time to question previous employers, and in turn give you a more expansive applicant analysis. If the reference check listed no longer works for the applicant’s claimed company of hire make sure to ask for the references relocation information and number. While you are at it, ask if the company can verify work history of the applicant through word of mouth or old data records. In addition, if the company specified by the applicant is not longer in business, check with the Secretary of State to see if the company existed at all. If it did they should have an appropriate contact available who can maybe verify your applicant’s employment. While these steps can be cumbersome and time consuming when acting to verify work history, they are necessary. When in the process to verify work history be aware that some companies require that they receive a formal request indicating your intentions. This is so that the company can determine you are a real company and they are not releasing information to just anyone. Verify work history by matching all claimed information will by the applicant with all claimed information by the references. If the references say otherwise, give the applicant a chance to explain themselves and clear up an unintentional mistakes made on the resume. Remember to always verify work history. While this process can be very tedious, Mind Your Business is dedicated to alleviating the pressure of employment verification.  ]]>

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