Colorado gun bill dead

Colorado Bill Fail ImageAfter Colorado passed a law expanding the background check process required for purchasing firearms last March, a new bill was introduced attempting to roll back checks for private and online gun sales. The law was signed eight months after the July 2012 mass shooting in an Aurora movie theater, in which a lone gunman opened fire on the audience, leaving 12 dead and approximately 70 others injured. The law requires background checks on those who wished to purchase firearms, including those buying online or through private channels, to reduce the risk of gun violence by those with criminal backgrounds. It also reduced the amount of ammunition allowed per magazine. Colorado Democrats say the law is doing its job; the Colorado Bureau of Investigation says that, since July 1, 2013 — when the law was put into effect — 104 people with criminal histories attempted to acquire firearms via the Internet or private sale, and were blocked from doing so, thanks to the more stringent background check policy. Republican Sen. George Rivera sponsored the bill to repeal the law, saying that the law is unconstitutional and steps on citizens’ rights. The Senate voted to reject the bill on Feb. 3.]]>

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