What is a child abuse registry check?

For organizations that work with children, creating and maintaining a safe environment for these children is critical. This is where a child abuse registry check comes into play.

A child abuse registry check allows an employer/organization to determine whether a prospective employee or volunteer has a record of child abuse or neglect. It’s an act of due diligence — and usually part of a wider background check — to ensure an individual is allowed to work with children.

Specific benefits, for an employer, of a child abuse registry check include:

  • Reducing the risk of hiring an individual who has committed child abuse or neglect
  • Helping organizations comply with relevant state regulatory requirements
  • Providing results as maintained within applicable state child protection registries
  • Protecting your brand and service reputation

As with many types of employment checks, rules tend to vary state by state. 

For child abuse registry checks, the type of information contained in central registries and department records varies by state. Additionally, some states maintain all investigated reports of abuse and neglect in their central registries, while others maintain only substantiated reports. Finally, the length of time the information is held and the conditions for removal also vary by state.

Ultimately, these types of checks can be complex and time-intensive. If you have any questions — or are seeking support — in performing child abuse registry checks, get in touch with our team of screening advisers. We can point you in the right direction, keeping your organization — and children — safe.

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