University of Virginia to change background checking policy

Yeardley Love by her ex-boyfriend George Huguely. Both played Lacrosse for the college, both came from prestigious families and both seemed representative of the future pillars of society. A story with a bright beginning ended in tragedy. This tragedy could have been prevented, had UVA required students to disclose their criminal records. Had they done this, they would have found out that George Huguely had a history of violence. Obviously we cannot say for certain, but perhaps background checks would have made a difference. Perhaps a background check could have saved a life. Following this summer tragedy, UVA have announced that from now on they will in fact require students to disclose in writing their criminal records before the beginning of the academic year. It’s too late for Yeardley Love and her family, but perhaps it will prevent something like this from happening again. Is this taking things too far? If college students are being checked, should high school students? Middle school students? Kindergarten students? Shouldn’t we allow people a second chance? Some may think this is too far, but anyone who has suffered through a situation such as this would say it’s not far enough. It would be difficult to argue that your privacy is worth more than a life, very difficult indeed.]]>

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