Types of background checks, and what you can expect

Some states now have “ban the box” laws to prevent discrimination; however, in some occupations, a felony can disqualify you from consideration, such as jobs in which employees are expected to work with children.) When you hire a background screening company, they get in touch with a candidate’s past employers, the county clerk in the cities your candidate has lived over the past several years, and the university or technical program in which the candidate attended to verify basic information. If you want to go more in-depth and check driving records, credit reports or other types of background checks, they would get in touch with those entities as well. Hiring a company to do this work for you is your best bet, as collecting all this information is no small task! You can usually expect to see report results within a week, though more in-depth processes may take a few extra business days. No matter what types of background checks you choose to conduct on potential employees, each has legal requirements that must be relayed to the candidate. Your best option is to contact a background screening company such as Mind Your Business so you can be sure that you’re compliant with all regulations.]]>

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