Report: 96% of employers now conduct background screening

gauge their views on background screening. The survey indicated that 96% of employers conduct one or more types of employment background screening. The most prevalent check is some form of criminal history check. In addition, employers cited public safety as the #1 reason they conducted background screening, with 89% stating they conducted screens to protect employees, customers, and others. Other top reasons cited for background screening included improving the quality of hires (52%), protecting company reputation (45%), and law/regulation (44%). Respondents highlighted the need for accuracy in their screening with 98% responding they believe it is “very important” to their organization that the screens are “accurate.” At the same time, 62% stated that the length of time to get results is the most significant challenge facing their organization when conducting background screens. The study is an interesting insight for both employers and employment screening companies alike, shedding light on some of the biggest pain points and needs in the employment screening space. You can read the full memo on the survey here.]]>

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