Report: 95% of employers now conducting employment screening

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) has released the results of its second annual background screening survey background screening survey. The report revealed that a sizeable 95% of employers said that their organization has been implementing employment screening in 2018.

In this instance, employment screening is defined slightly loosely as “information compiled on an individual which may be considered when determining eligibility for a job.” Additionally, this usage number is actually down 1% from the previous year.

Nonetheless, it’s fantastic to see such a high portion of employers prioritizing a comprehensive hiring process and safety in the workplace.

In fact, the percentage of employers citing public safety as the top reason they conducted background checks remained at the top of the list in this year’s survey. 86% stated they conduct background checks to protect employees, customers and others. Of the 5% of respondents who indicated their companies do not conduct background checks:

  • 23% stated they are using other tools or methods to screen applicants
  • 19% cited the associated costs
  • 17% could not cite a reason that was responsible for their company

The data also digs into international screening, the type of employment screening most used, and what’s generally included in a screening. You can view the full report here.

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