Why a pre-employment screening service is essential to your business

pre-employment screening is a great way to protect their business and employees from dangerous situations, many dismiss it as a something which is too much work and too complex to find time to get around to. That’s an understandable position, but is exactly what a pre-employment screening service is there to help with. A pre-employment screening service will do all the work for you, and provide you with a safe and productive working environment. What does a pre-employment screening service do? A pre-employment screening service will run employment checks on job applicants and current employees, to ensure that you have not/do not hire an individual that could put your business at risk. For example, a criminal record check is part of the pre-employment screening process. Should an applicant have a criminal history of violence, pre-employment screening would detect this and you can make your hiring decision accordingly. Put simply, an employment screening service will ensure that you know any information regarding applicants or employees that could put you at risk. By providing you with such knowledge, you are in a better position to make any hiring decisions. What are the services they can provide? There are various different types of background check that can be performed by an pre-employment screening service as part of a staff testing program, and it will depend on the job role you are performing the check for. Examples include criminal record checks, motor vehicle checks, resume checks, credit checks, education verification, reference checks, drug screening and social security number tracing. As you can see, some of these services are essential for all businesses, but others are only necessary for particular roles. For example, an applicant for a truck driving position may require a motor vehicle check, but an applicant for an accounting role probably won’t. Where can I find a pre-employment screening service? There are many companies that claim to provide pre-employment screening, but do your research before choosing the one you wish to move forward with. Lots of companies claim to provide “instant” or “free” employment checks – a general rule of thumb is to avoid these. Obtaining such information on individuals is neither free nor instant, so companies claiming such are often fraudulent or only offer very basic information. In order to be sure your money is being well spent when hiring a pre-employment screening service, you want a company that has a great history with trusted and valuable testimonials. Furthermore, find one that can clearly explain to you how they can help and why you should choose them. This is an important decision for the future of your business, so don’t take it lightly. Get in touch with Mind Your Business, Inc. today to find out how we can help you protect yourself, your employees and your company.]]>

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