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How to verify a potential employee’s work history

Find a Service The first step in conducting any form on pre-employment screening, such as a  background check, is to choose the service with whom you’ll be working. Wouldn’t simply calling a candidate’s references be easier than hiring a service? Perhaps, but if you do, you run the risk of contacting someone who may have no affiliation with the candidate’s actual work experience, but who will claim they do. Additionally, running pre-employment screening comes hand-in-hand with a plethora of potential legal pitfalls. Taking shortcuts here, and not bringing in an expert, puts an employer in a high risk position. Choose a reputable employment verification service instead, since they can verify work history much more effectively. Make Sure Your Chosen Service is Reputable Beware of companies who claim they can provide you with instant background checks and immediate reports. A quality background check takes more time than it takes for your internet browser to reload. Companies that promote their instant checks will at best provide you with incomplete reports lacking details, at worst be trying to scam you. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure you’re hiring an honest, quality company. Get Permission First In order to do a background check, you must make sure the candidates know that their history will be verified — no hiding it in the fine print of a job application. In addition, each candidate must provide written consent for you to do any digging into their past. Avoid legal problems in the future by ensuring you don’t skip these two steps. Make the right hiring choices by making sure every potential employee undergoes pre employment screening. To learn more about the services Mind Your Business offers, contact us today.]]>

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