Police chief fails background check

Information from a background check has been presented providing evidence that the new police chief of Jasper, TX has a criminal past, according to the Beaumont Enterprise. Jasper Mayor Mike Lout said the city council never received information in Rodney Pearson’s applicant packet that he had been accused of passing bad checks in two West Texas cities. Pearson was appointed as chief of police on April 22nd, having served as interim chief since February. He was one of 23 applicants for the police chief position and, having served as fire chief of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department previously, he was a shoe-in for the role. However, with these revelations comes embarrassment not just for him, but for the entire Department of Public Safety. One of his DPS supervisors went as far to tell Jasper officials they are “asking for trouble” if they appoint Pearson as police chief, according to details released by the city from Pearson’s background check. What happens next will be down to the Department of Public Safety, but such a story reminds us that you can be never be 100% sure about someone, and no employer should ever hire someone without a professional and detailed background check.]]>

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