Parents concern over school drug testing policy

Parents in Winfield, W.Va, voiced their concerns at a Putnam County school board meeting this week regarding a student drug testing policy that school officials proposed last month. This policy will require students who are involved in sports, who drive or who partake in extra-curricular activities to submit to random drug testing, in the form of urine tests.

While most parents understand the necessity of keeping drugs out of schools, many have concerns over privacy, as suggested by Kathy Carney, a mother of a Winfield High School student: “I’m against drug use, but I do see this as an invasion of privacy.” This is an issue that is rearing it’s head in many schools across the country, with the obvious aim of curbing drug use among students.

In an unexpected turn of events, there are plenty of students in the county that are in full support of the policy. One Poca High School student thanked the board members for making an attempt to curb the school’s drug problem, while another believes “it will provide a better environment for our school”. If, as is evident, drugs are a problem within this county, then it is understandable why the board is hoping to implement such measures.

What many fear is the next step. What now seems like a necessity to invade someones private life could lead to further invasions, which are not so necessary and not so amicable. Is this the way forward for American schools or are there other measures we can take? It will be interesting to see how this story develops.


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