Job applicants under close scrutiny

pre-employment background screening and the role that this plays in making sure you make the right hiring decisions. “The consequences of making the poor hiring decision are enormous” Aiken says, and he is right. There are several examples in this blog alone that emphasize this, and it’s about time big businesses realize of these checks. In a survey conducted for the society, 73 percent of employers conduct criminal background checks on candidates for all jobs and 55 percent conduct drug screening. Aitken goes on to say “You want to have a safe work environment. Employers have a liability not only to their customers, but to their employees as well” – a point MYBINC is keen to recognize. It’s not simply about the clients, but the safety and security of the business and all those involved in it also. With the current economic squeeze, it is all the more important to continue with this screening. People will be desperate to work and are often willing to deceive potential employers in order to achieve this. Since 9/11 the background screening process has been a key one in any industry, and we should expect this trend to continue. We will soon see not only the screening of job candidates, but also current employees. As safety becomes a progressively more important issue in our industries, more intense and detailed checks are inevitable.]]>

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