How to avoid common background screening errors

pre-employment background screening becomes more and more popular, with it comes technology. As many of us who use technology know, with technology comes mistakes. While it removes the potential for human error, an incorrect input or faulty html can cause a lot of issues when someone’s job, and ultimately livelihood, is one the line. On the flip side, with this increasingly complex screening process HR employees need to make sure they follow procedures correctly and don’t cut corners, otherwise all this technological progress will become useless. Here are MYBINC‘s top three common errors that all businesses should be aware of: 1. Accepting resumes and information at face-value This can be a big mistake. Roughly one-third of all résumés contain some kind of misrepresentation in terms of employment history, education or experience. Even for jobs where education or experience is not critical to success, a purposeful misrepresentation can signal problems of character in a potential hire.

2. Failing to check non-permanent employees

It’s easy to focus your energy on permanent employees and forget about temporary workers, volunteers and contractors. Just because these individuals may not be working directly in areas which need protection, that doesn’t mean those areas are inaccessible to them.

3. Failing to check current employees

Background checks should not be reserved simply for potential new hires – it’s important to check the history of all individuals working at the organization, despite the length of time they have been employed. Those who started working prior to the implementation of all these checks may be the ones you need to be most aware of.

So there we have it – Mind Your Business’s top three common background screening errors. As an employer; be aware of these and you’re already on your way to protecting your company, your employees and your future.


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