Gun law issues put spotlight on North Carolina

article focusing on the background screening regulations regarding gun laws in North Carolina, and seeing as this is the state that Mind Your Business is based in, thought it could be relevant for this blog. Wesley Brown tells us that in North Carolina, any person 18 or older can qualify for a permit to own a handgun unless he or she is: 1) a felon 2) a known drug addict 3) holds a dishonorable discharge from the military 4) certifiably insane The county sheriff, the ultimate decision-maker on gun permits in North Carolina, has ways of checking records for the first three, but on the fourth he depends on honesty. While this is by no means a list of water-tight measures, it is certainly more stringent that the rules in other states, including Arizona. Had Jared Loughner tried to purchase a gun in NC, he certainly wouldn’t have got one so easily. “We are very strict,” said Daren Bakst, legal and regulatory policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation, a libertarian think tank in Raleigh, NC. “If we went any further than we already do now, then we would get into issues of discriminating individuals and discouraging people seeking mental health treatment.” It is a tricky debate and there seems no obvious answer. Do we want to make gun laws stricter? Will this really prohibit the bad guys from getting hold of them or simply prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining a gun to protect themselves and their family? How do we stop a situation from the one in Tuscan from happening again? With those in positions of authority calling for changes in firearm legislation, it will be interesting to see what the future brings for background checks and gun laws.]]>

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