FYI FRIDAYS: What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

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We were able to announce earlier this month that we would offer live scan digital fingerprinting to our clients. MYB has been conducting name-based background checks for over 24 years. This natural progression will allow us to service more industries and provide an all-inclusive background screening service. 

It is important to dive further into the question, what is live scan fingerprinting? 

Traditionally, fingerprinting has been done with an ink pad at a Sheriff’s office. This type of fingerprinting is still available, but it is an outdated method of collecting the same information provided by live scan digital fingerprinting. With traditional ink card fingerprinting, it can be difficult to read a certain portion of the population’s fingerprints. This can be due to age or the line of work the individual is in. Digital fingerprinting provides a more accurate and clear reading of an individual’s fingerprints. 

Live scan fingerprinting is not the same thing as a name-based background check. 

To start, digital fingerprinting is not available to every business. 

There are specific industries that require this type of criminal background check. These include:

  1. Attorneys,
  2. Banks, 
  3. Child Care,
  4. Construction, 
  5. Human Services, 
  6. Insurance Agencies,
  7. Real Estate and more. 

Check with your state to see if fingerprinting is the required form of background screening. If live scan fingerprinting is not, then name-based background screening will be the method you will screen applicants with. Name based criminal background screening uses the individual’s name, date of birth and Social Security number to identify the individual. When a digital fingerprint is conducted, the prints are run through FBI and state databases to create a criminal profile of the individual. The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) agrees that fingerprint-based background checks are a useful tool for background screening but do not provide a comprehensive history. MYB has the unique position of being able to provide both name based and fingerprint based background screening for your organization. 

MYB has digital fingerprinting locations across the United States. These appointments can be set up with our customer success team. 

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