Ensure Your Background Checks Are in Compliance with State Laws

This summer, the state of Illinois ruled companies within the state could no longer ask applicants about their salary history. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the law in late July and joined several other states who also have similar measures in place.

Currently California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Vermont have similar bans that prohibit employers from asking about salary history. Several major cities such as Cincinnati, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and various counties in New York also have similar laws in place.

New Laws Mean New Background Checks
The change in legislation is driven by a desire to protect employees and prevent salary disparity between men and women. The Bureau of Labor Statics reported that women earned only 82% of what men earned in 2016.

With laws changing quickly in different states and cities, how can a company protect themselves during the hiring process? The answer is to select a qualified and educated firm such as Mind Your Business (MYB), Inc. to navigate the process.

Currently MYB, Inc. does not request or verify employment salary as part of their background check services. “We wanted to prevent salary information from being reported in error in states where it is not allowed,” said Lauren Harrell, Director of Operations at MYB, Inc. “We want all of our employer reports to be in compliance with all federal and state laws. Our goal is to protect our clients and the individuals we run background reports on.”

Make Informed Decisions Using Background Checks
Instead of asking for salary information, MYB, Inc. asks for dates of employment, jobs titles associated with employment, and if that person is eligible for rehire. There is also an opportunity to provide reasons for departure from the company. “These are pertinent questions that allow previous employers to provide additional details about the applicant,” says Ashley Allen, Verifications Supervisor at MYB, Inc.

The goal of a good background check is to provide an accurate overview of a potential hire and provide companies with opportunities to make informed hiring decisions. “A company already knows what they are willing to pay new hires, so the salary history information is not really necessary,” says Ashley.

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