When should employers re-screen employees?

EMEA Employee Screening Benchmark Report revealed that a hefty 71% of companies don’t re-screen when an employee is promoted or changes roles. Only performing a background check when an employee begins a contract – and never again – can put employers at significant risk. It’s possible that someone may have passed a background check when they were first hired, but in the time they have been employed their circumstances may have changed. Many industries also have regulations that require an updated background check of sorts for employees. For example, for someone working in the transportation industry, a Motor Vehicle Record check might be required on an annual basis. It’s not really a question of should employers re-screen employers, but when? Our thoughts:

  • Re-screen when employees are promoted or change roles
  • Re-screen temporary workers each time they are contracted for work
  • At no point should a staff member be “above the process”. Senior staff, the executive team, and board members should all be screened and re-screened.
  • An annual re-screen is considered a best practice. Following an employee’s primary background check, re-screening once every 12 months will help employers reduce risk.
Ultimately, a regular re-screening process helps to create a more productive workplace, fostering trust, reliability, and safety among staff. Consider how you can integrate re-screening into your employment screening program. And if you’re looking for answers, we’re here to help.]]>

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