Employers are facing the worst talent shortage in a decade

Talent Shortage Survey. According to the study, 40% of employers indicated they were facing hiring difficulties— an increase from 38 percent in 2015. In the United States, this number is slightly higher at 46% – a significant jump from the 32% reported last year. In total, 42,300 employers were surveyed. The most severe talent shortages were reported in Japan (86%), Taiwan (73%) and Romania (72%). At the lower end is China, where just 10% of employers reported hiring difficulties. talent-shortages The shortage has led to many employers now training and developing existing employees to fill open positions, rather than looking externally to fill roles. “When the talent isn’t available, organizations need to turn to training and developing their own people, and in many cases this means first identifying the skills that will be required in increasingly digital industries, like manufacturing,” said Kip Wright, senior vice president of Manpower North America. According to SHRM, employers must become more flexible and creative in their recruitment strategies in order to find a solution to the talent shortage. Examples might include flexible work hours, remote work, and a re-invention of criteria. Manpower Group created a nifty infographic to highlight key findings – take a look.]]>

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