Employer's Guide: Drug screening for jobs

17.2 million drug abusers in the US, 12.9 million were employed either full or part time. In addition, 10 to 20% of workers who died on the job tested positive for alcohol or other drugs. Drug screening at workAnd according to statistics on drug abuse by American workers, workplace drug and alcohol use costs U.S. businesses an estimated $100 billion each year, with average costs of a bad hire may equal 30% of the first year’s potential earnings. If you’re an employer who doesn’t yet perform drug screening on their employees, these types of stats should make you sit up and take notice. Put simply, drug screening for jobs at your workplace will ensure that your current employees, your clients and your future growth is protected from substance abusers and the risks they pose. Why perform them? There are four primary reasons as to why employers ought to perform background checks and drug screening: Federal and state requirements, protecting vulnerable parties, preventing negligent hiring, and protecting your company from future litigation. Compared to the cost of even one employee with a substance abuse problem, most firms find eliminating the problem in the first place is well worth the time and money involved in a drug-testing program. How to perform them? Your best bet is to hire a professional pre-employment screening company to help perform drug screening, as there as many pitfalls that need to be avoided. Most drug testing is done by sending an applicant to a collection site, where a urine sample is obtained and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. What next? Learn more about the type of program that will work for you! Reach out to us today and we can help put together an drug screening program to suit your business.]]>

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