Our focus on our customers

“I, Kimberly, wife to Joe owner of ArchAngel (Appliance Repair), met the owner of Mind Your Business Wayyyyy back when she was just beginning her business. I was a cashier at a local grocers and going to police training at the same time. We had a great conversation and I could see how driven, knowledgeable, and savvy she was. Since then her company has grown by leaps and bounds. If you contact a company in our area and ask who to use they automatically mention Mind Your Business. Why? Because of the savvy ownership. There is something in good ownership. Actually, everything is in the ownershp and the people they choose to assist in their business. Mind Your Business has their t’s crossed and i’s dotted. We are impressed and believe in them. Look no further and let them do the looking for you. Blessings, kimberly webber young”


Merchant Circle is a site whereby we cannot pick and choose who writes our reviews, which might be an issue for businesses who focus on themselves rather than customers. But we have nothing to hide, and are confident that any customer testimonial will be positive. Feel free to check out the rest of our Merchant Circle reviews here.

MYB has had a fantastic year, with founder and CEO Karen Caruso being awarded North Carolina Business Person of the Year 2011 being a highlight. While it is always fantastic to get such awards, it is the reputation we have among our customers that really means the most to us. So a review such as the one above really does bring a smile to the MYB team and justify the hard work we put in every day.


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Let us know about your screening needs to get a custom quote. We work with businesses big and small as well as the government. Which means we have a package of solutions for your organization as well.