Background checks for internet dating

background checks, can they be accurate? And if they’re not, do we give a false sense of security to people on the site?” she said. “That’s the big concern I have. If someone slips through the cracks… does that create more of a risk for people to not be more prudent?” It’s a fair comment to make and, in the offline dating world, it’ s not like an girl at a bar asks for a background check on a guy before she allows him to buy her a drink. People should exercise caution, regardless of the situation. However, some who use the site claim that they pay a lot of money to be members, and that ought to use some of that money to ensure the safety and security of the users. Stephany Alexander, founder of the free date screening site, believes that people can hide behind fake persona’s online, which they would struggle to do in the real world. With the ability to choose your own photos, write whatever you want and embellish personal descriptions, “it’s easier to hide behind a fake profile,” she said. While and various of the other popular dating sites don’t run any checks, does. They make the effort to run a background check on every single person that registers for the site. However, from a marketing perspective, would individuals perhaps be put off by even the mention of a background check? Only time will tell as to whether customers become accustomed to checks like those on, and therefore whether other dating sites will follow suit. For now it is up to the individual to ensure there own safety and be cautious of who, and where, they meet people.]]>

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