Background check reveals doctor 'faked it' for 15 years

A background check ended a 15-year charade by a man who claimed to be a doctor. During his time working in Royal Oak, Michigan, he lined up federal grants and even trained hospital staff without having any of the medical credentials he had claimed in his resume.

The Detroit Press claims a staffer at Beaumont Hospital found it suspicious that William Hamman, 58, was able to secure millions of dollars in research grants, fees and salaries yet never treated patients nor applied for physician admitting privileges at the facility. When confronted with the check, Hammond resigned as medical director of Beaumont’s medical simulation and research program.

Apparently Hamman’s resume was not vetted by either the hospital’s medical administration nor human resources departments, according to hospital spokeswoman Colette Stimmell. This facade is an embarrassment to Beaumont Hospital, who allowed an untrained individual to work in such a precocious environment for so long.

It should serve as a clear reminder to all businesses as to why background checks are so important, and why you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to screening potential employees.


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